Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

  • Can You Stop A Foreclosure With Bankruptcy?

    The potential loss of a home compels some people to consider drastic solutions. When people are unable to pay their bills, however, there is a good chance that the mortgage payment is not the only problem. Bankruptcy can be a possible solution for those about to face foreclosure actions. Read on to find out how this solution works. The Automatic Stay Bankruptcy provides filers with immediate relief from not only foreclosure but other losses of property.

  • Reasons Law Firms Should Utilize Attorney Recruitment Services

    Eventually, your law firm will need to hire new attorneys, and this is an important process. You can feel a lot better about how this hiring goes if you work with an attorney recruiter capable of the following things. Customized Hiring Approach The best way to get the most from an attorney recruiter is to have them take a customized approach to hiring. Fortunately, most recruiters will take this approach already so as to ensure your law firm is well-supported and ultimately finds the best attorneys available for hire.

  • What To Know About Waivers And Liability

    Many people have probably lost count of all the waivers of liability they have signed in the past. Waivers can be a prerequisite for joining a gym, signing up your child to play soccer, and many other things. Even though, in most cases, nothing comes of the waiver, it's important to understand the meaning when an accident does occur. What a Waiver Means If you were to read a waiver, and few do, it mainly states that the provider of a service cannot be held financially responsible for accidents that occur.

  • 5 Issues That Private Investigators Can Help You Resolve

    When you're faced with a difficult situation, it's natural to want to find someone to help you out. That's where private investigators can come in handy. They have the skills and experience to help you resolve a number of issues. Here are five of the most common ones that they can assist with. Missing persons Whether it is a runaway teenager, an estranged spouse, or simply a friend who has fallen out of touch, private investigators have the skills and resources to help locate missing individuals.

  • Buying Property With Easement-Use Rights – And A Hostile Landowner

    Properties can sometimes be in such twisted configurations that an easement has to be created. This is the right of the person who does not own a piece of land to gain use of that land for a specific purpose, namely travel or for a specific use such as fishing in a river that's on someone else's property. Easements are common, and they should be respected on both sides of the property.

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    Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

    Hello, I'm Phillip Kerr and I just love the legal profession and courtroom drama. Have you ever watched judge shows on TV? I know that these shows are not an accurate representation of the courtroom, but there is something you may have noticed. Some individuals come into the courtroom well-dressed, articulate, respectful and with the knowledge and documents necessary to support a case, while others come unprepared, slovenly dressed and appear as if they do not have a care in the world. How you present yourself and the knowledge that you have of the law will have an impact on how you are treated, even if you have legal representation. This blog is designed to assist those who are going to trial in doing just that.