Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

  • 3 Civil Rights You Have When You're Pulled Over By A Police Officer

    No one wakes up in the morning expecting to get pulled over by a law enforcement officer. However, when those lights start flashing in your rearview, your heart falls into your stomach and you're scared. This is true even if you've done nothing wrong. If you are unaware of the civil rights that you have, you can sometimes make the traffic stop worse for yourself. Therefore, it is important that you know at least these three civil rights:

  • Life After Bankruptcy: Tips For Improving Your Scores

    After a bankruptcy discharge, you might find yourself wondering what you're supposed to do next. The key to maximizing that bankruptcy is to start rebuilding your credit rating immediately. The sooner you start taking the proper forward steps, the quicker your credit score is going to improve. Here's a look at some of the things you need to know about that recovery period. Start By Handling Your Non-Dischargeable Debt If you had any debts that you couldn't discharge in the bankruptcy, those things need to be the first priority.

  • 3 Tips For Successfully Working With A Divorce Attorney

    If you are currently going through a divorce, and have decided that you would like to work with a divorce attorney, then there are a few things that you are going to want to keep in mind. This article will discuss 3 tips for successfully working with a divorce attorney.  Know What You Want Before You Begin Before you ever begin looking for a divorce attorney, it is important that you know what you want.

  • Can A Bankruptcy Trustee Take A Preferential Payment Back?

    The trustee has many responsibilities in a bankruptcy filing, including checking your financial history. As part of checking your history, the trustee is looking for any payments that were made to creditors in the months leading up to your filing. Depending on the nature of the payment and when it was made, the trustee might take action to get the payment back. If you are planning to file for bankruptcy and are thinking of paying off some debts before filing, here is what you need to know.

  • Helping Your Child Cope with Visitation Sessions

    If you filed for a divorce recently, and you are in the process of battling for custody of your child, you are most likely uncertain about what the future holds regarding their well-being. There will most likely be a court process held to determine a temporary custody agreement with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, meaning visitation arrangements will be part of the deal to see the other parent. Your child will most likely be confused that they will no longer be staying in one location full-time.

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Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Hello, I'm Phillip Kerr and I just love the legal profession and courtroom drama. Have you ever watched judge shows on TV? I know that these shows are not an accurate representation of the courtroom, but there is something you may have noticed. Some individuals come into the courtroom well-dressed, articulate, respectful and with the knowledge and documents necessary to support a case, while others come unprepared, slovenly dressed and appear as if they do not have a care in the world. How you present yourself and the knowledge that you have of the law will have an impact on how you are treated, even if you have legal representation. This blog is designed to assist those who are going to trial in doing just that.