Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

  • Filing For Guardianship Of Your Elderly Loved One: 3 Facts You Should Know

    When many people think of guardianship, they tend to think of an adult who plays a parental or supervisory role in the life of a child. However, there is another type of guardianship that you should be aware of known as elderly guardianship. Elderly guardianship is awarded to individuals who take over the care of a senior citizen after this individual is declared legally incompetent by the court. If you are planning to seek legal guardianship of your elderly loved one, there are a few facts that you should know before filing a competency petition with the court.

  • What Happens To Your Co-Debtor When You File Bankruptcy?

    When you file for bankruptcy, it can possibly impact more than you. If any of your debts have a co-debtor, he or she could be on the hook for your outstanding debts once the bankruptcy is cleared. What happens to your co-debtor during and after the bankruptcy depends on which type of filing you choose. Chapter 7 Once a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is completed, most or all of your debts are discharged.

  • How Can A Traffic Lawyer You Save Money?

    If you have recently gotten a traffic ticket, you have only a limited period of time in which to decide what you are going to do about the ticket. It is not unusual for many insurance companies to raise the rates of drivers with certain traffic offenses and therefore, it is crucial to choose carefully, as rates can stay that higher rate for quite a while. Fortunately, hiring a traffic lawyer can help you save money when you go into court.

  • Filing For Workman's Compensation

    If you have had an accident while on the job that causes you to no longer be able to do your work, you will want to try getting funds to make up for the money you are losing. Many people will try to file for workman's compensation in order to pay for their medical bills and to be able to supplement the income they used to get at work. When filing for workman's compensation, there are a few rules that should be followed in order to make sure you do not have a problem collecting funds.

  • The Excrutiatingly Correct Behavior Guide For The Courtroom (When You Are A Defendant)

    When you are in court, your demeanor happens to be very important, and this is especially true if you have received a criminal charge. Your actions can affect how the judge, the prosecutor, the jury, and even how your own lawyer sees and treats you, so you should take a minute and think about how you can best present yourself at your court appearances. Respect the formal atmosphere The court is a formal place and weighty decisions are made there daily.

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Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Hello, I'm Phillip Kerr and I just love the legal profession and courtroom drama. Have you ever watched judge shows on TV? I know that these shows are not an accurate representation of the courtroom, but there is something you may have noticed. Some individuals come into the courtroom well-dressed, articulate, respectful and with the knowledge and documents necessary to support a case, while others come unprepared, slovenly dressed and appear as if they do not have a care in the world. How you present yourself and the knowledge that you have of the law will have an impact on how you are treated, even if you have legal representation. This blog is designed to assist those who are going to trial in doing just that.