Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

  • Why Hiring a Narcissist Divorce Case Attorney Might Be Your Best Option

    When going through a divorce, emotions can run high and tensions can escalate quickly. It's crucial to have the right attorney by your side to navigate this challenging process. There are some compelling reasons why it might be the best decision for your situation. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of hiring an attorney and how they can help you achieve a favorable outcome in your divorce case.

  • Understanding Bail Bonds, Surety Bonds, and Bondsmen

    If you or a loved one has ever found themselves in a situation where bail is required, you may have heard terms like bail bonds, surety bonds, and bondsmen thrown around. But what exactly do these terms mean? This post will break down these concepts and help you understand the role that bail bonds, surety bonds, and bondsmen play in the legal system. What Are Bail Bonds? Bail bonds are a type of financial arrangement made by a bail bond agent on behalf of a defendant.

  • Why Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Is Essential for Premises Liability Claims

    Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. These accidents can be caused by several reasons such as wet floors, uneven surfaces, inadequate lighting, and more. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, you may have grounds for a premises liability claim. However, pursuing such claims can be complex and challenging, especially when you are dealing with property owners and insurance companies who are more concerned with their bottom line than your well-being.

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Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Hello, I'm Phillip Kerr and I just love the legal profession and courtroom drama. Have you ever watched judge shows on TV? I know that these shows are not an accurate representation of the courtroom, but there is something you may have noticed. Some individuals come into the courtroom well-dressed, articulate, respectful and with the knowledge and documents necessary to support a case, while others come unprepared, slovenly dressed and appear as if they do not have a care in the world. How you present yourself and the knowledge that you have of the law will have an impact on how you are treated, even if you have legal representation. This blog is designed to assist those who are going to trial in doing just that.