Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

What Can A DWI Lawyer Do For You?

by Richard Ramirez

Being arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DWI) can be extremely distressing, and it's easy to isolate yourself afterward. You should know that an arrest is far from the end of the story, and the steps you take right now to get legal representation could make a huge difference in the way things go. Read on to find out why you need to snap out of your funk and speak to a DWI lawyer asap.

An Investigation Is in Order

Simply accepting what the state prosecutor has against you is a big mistake. They might have the weakest case ever, but without a lawyer, you might just agree to a plea bargain and take your punishment. DWI cases are among the most complicated to prosecute because of the many laws and arrests that have to be performed perfectly legally. For example, a DWI attorney may begin reviewing your case from the time of the stop. Law enforcement must have a valid reason for making the stop – otherwise, all that follows is moot. In most cases, your attorney will need to review evidence about the stop and more to form an idea of where your defense lies. Evidence in a DWI case might include the following:

  • Law enforcement dashcam and body cam footage.
  • The arrest report that includes a narrative of the stop and the field sobriety tests performed.
  • The results of the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test using the portable breathalyzer.

The Legality of the Arrest Is in Question

A DWI attorney, after reviewing the evidence, will have a good idea of how to proceed soon after the arrest. Almost all criminal cases are now resolved using a plea bargain. Plea bargains can represent a good deal for those arrested for DWI – but not always. Taking into consideration the stop, the roadside testing, the arrest, and the test result, your DWI attorney can go forward with plea bargain negotiations with enough knowledge to obtain the best outcome for you. If your lawyer knows that a key element of the case was illegal, chances are high that the prosecution does too. On the other hand, if your lawyer reviews the evidence and realizes that you could be harshly sentenced because of your high BAC levels, it's important that you know that before you decide to go forward with a trial. With a trial, you are always gambling that the verdict and sentencing will be either better or worse than what the plea bargain would have brought.

As you can see, dealing with a DWI case can be complex. Speak to a DWI defense attorney at your earliest convenience.


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Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

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