Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Car Accidents And Spinal Injuries: Facts You Should Know

by Richard Ramirez

Every year, more than a million people will set out on the road to make a trip in their car and will not make it home because they die after a car crash. This number is so large, that deaths caused by car accidents tally up to be at least 3,287 every single day. It is scary to face the reality of the fact that car accidents can be such a big risk.

Even those who do not lose their life to an accident are sometimes left with severe injuries, and one of the most common types of car accident injuries is an injury to the spine. If you have been in a car accident and sustained a spinal injury, there are a few things you should know. 

Spinal cord injury could be the most serious type of injury to your spine. 

When there is damage to the spinal cord, it means that communications between the spine and brain get disrupted. This type of injury can lead to paralysis of your body, your limbs, or even certain bodily organs that must function. Spinal cord injuries are often sustained in situations where there is a forceful blow to the spine, which is common in an automobile accident. 

Spinal injuries usually involve expensive and ongoing care. 

If you have sustained a spinal injury due to a car accident, it is best that you do go ahead and seek out a car accident attorney. Injuries to the spine can be most expensive to treat over many other more basic injuries, such as a broken arm or leg or cuts and bruises. This is because people who suffer an injury to the spine are more than likely going to have to have ongoing medical care, extensive pain management, and even physical therapy for many years. 

Spinal injuries may not always be immediately obvious. 

One of the reasons why you should seek medical treatment even if you don't immediately feel like something is wrong after an accident is because spinal injuries aren't always so obvious. In some cases, the pain or numbness in your back, neck, or body will not settle in until hours after the incident occurs. You may not even realize you have hurt your spine until you go to perform some typical movement or action and then feel a sudden change. It is always best to have yourself examined fully after an accident to check for injuries that may not be visible or immediately obvious. 

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