Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

FAQs About Permanent Disability Benefits

by Richard Ramirez

When you have an injury on the job and receive worker's compensation benefits, they will usually last until you recover and return to work. Unfortunately, if your injury is expected to last for years to come and prevent you from returning to work full-time, your regular benefits might not be enough. However, you can file for permanent disability benefits and get the help you need. Here is what you need to know.

What Are Permanent Disability Benefits?

Permanent disability benefits are part of the worker's compensation system. When you are expected to be permanently impaired from a workplace injury, you can receive these benefits for a period of time. The amount of time you can receive benefits varies according to your state's laws and the period of your disability. 

In order to receive this particular type of benefit, you do not have to be considered permanently disabled. For instance, you would still be eligible if you have a back injury that prevents you from performing your normal work duties that is expected to go on for an extended period of time but eventually heal.  

How Do You Get Permanent Disability Benefits?

Even though you are eligible to receive regular worker's compensation benefits, there is no guarantee that you can qualify for permanent disability benefits. In order to get permanent benefits, you will need your doctor's cooperation and your medical records. 

The first part of the approval process is getting medical treatment. Your doctor will assess you and determine just how much recovery is possible. He or she will then assign a percentage to the remaining disability. The percentage essentially tells your employer's insurance company just how serious your disability is. 

Once that rating is applied, the insurance company will decide if the percentage is high enough to warrant coverage and how much. Each state has ratings and percentage guidelines that govern how much injured workers can receive. 

Can You Also Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

In addition to applying for permanent disability benefits, you have the right to apply for Social Security disability benefits. If you qualify, you could receive partial or full disability payments. However, the amount of permanent disability benefits you receive from the insurance company could be reduced once you receive Social Security benefits. 

To ensure that you have met all of the standards to apply for permanent disability benefits, get a worker's compensation attorney. He or she can help you overcome any challenges to your claim made by the insurance company.


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