Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Do You Need To Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney?

by Richard Ramirez

Did you know that about 65% of all disability claims are declined on the initial application? Some reasons for the high declination rates include poor quality of evidence, improper filing of paperwork, submitting the wrong medical documentation, and technical issues. 

While hiring a social security disability attorney when filing for social security disability (SSDI) or supplemental security income (SSI) claims is not mandatory, statistics have shown that hiring one can improve your chances of success. Check out these four reasons for hiring a disability attorney.

Disability Attorneys Know What Medical Evidence Is Needed to Win a Claim

Having proper medical evidence is key to winning a disability claim. If this is your first time filing a claim, you may not know what exactly to present to the Social Security Administration (SSA). 

Luckily, social security disability attorneys understand the evidence needed for your claim approval. Upon reviewing your file, they will determine whether additional medical records or tests are necessary. 

They will also ensure no irrelevant information is submitted. This is important because if your claim gets to the hearing level, most administrative law judges (ALJs) usually get agitated if they have to go through multiple pages of irrelevant medical records.

They Will Help You Through the Documentation and Application Process

Upon obtaining the needed medical evidence, the next stage is to apply for the claim. Your attorney will ensure your application contains the necessary information to maximize your benefits and minimize delays. 

Before your SSDI benefits are approved, your attorney will also need to prove that you meet all the financial and medical requirements specified by the SSA. With their experience, you can expect them to have adequate knowledge regarding which disabilities qualify for SSDI and which ones are likely to be turned down. 

They Will Help You When Filing for Appeals

If your application is denied, whether for medical or technical grounds, you have the chance to file for an appeal. But for that, your attorney will need to gather additional evidence to convince the SSA you deserve the benefits. Without new evidence, your appeal is likely to be declined. 

Also, keep note that there are strict deadlines for filing these appeals. Your disability attorney is certainly aware of these deadlines and the procedures to follow to ensure your appeals are filed on time. 

They Will Represent You at the Hearing

Your attorney will represent you during your social security hearing. Before the hearing, they will guide you through some of the questions you're likely to be asked by the judge and how to answer them. 

During the hearing, a testimony from a vocational expert can be essential to your case. Your attorney will cross-examine this expert in a way that supports your claim. And, if the judges are relying on medical or psychological experts, your attorney will question them too and challenge any testimony that hurts your case. 

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Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

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