Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Lawyer

by Richard Ramirez

The transactions in the real estate business are under real estate and property regulations in your jurisdiction. While understanding the details of these laws can be cumbersome, you can avoid breaking them by hiring a real estate lawyer. Real estate lawyers have the educational qualifications of the average lawyer, but they specialize in cases regarding real estate transactions. In today's litigious society, hiring a real estate lawyer ensures protection by the law and prevents other people from using property laws against you. The lawyer is also essential in interpreting the law and solving any dispute when doing business. This article discusses a few scenarios when a real estate lawyer is necessary.

Making Contracts

You will mainly discuss most of the deals you do in the real estate business before any paperwork. The face-to-face talks with the other party are essential in creating a rapport and knowing more about the property. However, the final deal must be in writing. The real estate lawyer helps negotiate contracts for you and ensures that the terms of the agreement abide by the laws in your area. A real estate lawyer also addresses the issues that impact the future use of the property. For example, most urban developments have limits about the maximum height to which your building should rise. Obstructing the views of other surrounding properties is also a cause for disagreements in the future. The real estate lawyer watches out for such issues when creating the contract. After signing the contract, you have a few days to review it before it becomes legally binding. This grace period is essential for you to go through the agreement with your lawyer and clarify all legal glitches, insert contingencies, and change the terms where necessary. 

Title Search

Some of the listed properties have liens and judgments. These hindrances determine whether the seller has the right to sell you the property or not. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous sellers might sell you a property with such restrictions and tie down your investment in property that you cannot develop or resell. Your real estate attorney has a working relationship with the companies that specialize in title searches. If they uncover a problem, the lawyer advises you to desist from buying the property. The lawyer saves you from making huge mistakes and hastens the title search process. 


Making a straightforward deal with one buyer and one seller is a straightforward process that you can handle independently. However, real estate transactions are not always that simple. Some properties have titles showing joint ownerships, corporations, and trusts. However, real estate lawyers understand different forms of business arrangements and the rights of legal entities in your area. The lawyer ensures that the transfer process abides by the charter agreements governing corporations, partnerships, and trusts. 


After making a sale or a purchase in the real estate industry, you must file the documents at the state or county level, depending on the laws in your area. This documentation process helps determine land and property used in the area and promotes development planning by the government. Your real estate lawyer enables you to file the necessary documents quickly and efficiently. Using your lawyer in the filing process enables you to identify if the type of development you intend to conduct abides by the laws in that area. The attorney protects you from legal problems and costly investments. 

You can hire a real estate lawyer when making contracts, searching the title, during transfers, and filing real estate documents with the local authorities. 


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Make A Great Impression In The Courtroom

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